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Chrome Plating

WesDen is one of the west coast’s largest brokers of chrome plating services for OEM and Aftermarket wheels.  We can chrome plate all sizes of wheels from 14” all the way up to 24”.  We specialize in OE Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Cadillac and Toyota but can do all automakers wheels.

We use a 6 step process to chrome plate our wheels:

1.    The wheel is paint stripped

2.    The wheel gets polished and deburred of any rough edges

3.    The wheel is copper plated

4.    The wheel is copper buffed

5.    The wheel is nickel plated

6.    The wheel is finished with an electro chrome plating

We can complete the chrome look with chrome caps made specifically for your wheels.  We have the largest inventory of aftermarket chrome caps made to fit OE wheels.

We also have an inventory of OE wheels already chrome, so we can offer instant turnaround for that customer in a hurry.

Simply ship us your wheels, freight prepaid, and we will return them back to you within 5-8 business days.

We can also chrome strip and rechrome all aftermarket and OE chrome wheels.  Insurance companies and dealerships love this as it prevents having to look for a wheel that may no longer be available or too expensive to purchase a new wheel.

Our chrome plated wheels come with a 2 year warranty to the original owner.

For more information on our chrome plating services, please call us toll free at (888) 245-5770 or click here to email your questions or requests.

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